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WANG Hong-KaiTaiwan

Artist introduction

Born in Huwei, Taiwan, Wang Hong-kai is an interdisciplinary artist, researcher and educator. The process of Wang's research-based practice is informed by the unceasing tension between languages, ideologies, identities and knowledge regimes. It is situated at the intersection of aesthetic, discursive and knowledge production, often concerned with politics of missing knowledges resulted by encounters between histories, lived experience and power. Through experimenting with modes of listening, organizing pedagogy as temporary gatherings, mobilizing collaborative sociality as performance, and encouraging alterior bodily interpretations, Wang’s practice often seeks to forge unlikely affiliation and time-space of the transformative beyond received chronologies and geographies. Her works span performance, installation, workshop, publication, sound work, conversation, etc. Wang is currently part of the MFA Music/Sound faculty of Bard College (Annandale-On-Hudson, USA).