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HSIEH Yi-JuTaiwan

Artist introduction

HSIEH Yi-Ju is an artist in Nantou, Taiwan. She likes living things and everything in the nature. She pays attention to the justice, courage, love and beauty in the world. Her creations are inspired by observations of the connections between herself and the environment. She enjoys trying all kinds of media, painting, collage, photography, painted composite media, mixed media installation and all sorts of things that she can make by her bare hands to achieve the theme of interest. Music is essential for her creation; family, friends, and pets are vitamins in her life. She had received several awards, including the first prize in "2010 Kaohsiung Award" and the first prize in "2011 Exhibition of the Newly Emerging Artists in Taiwan, print category”, and been awarded as a "Recommended Newcomer in 2013 ART TAIPEI Made in Taiwan". In recent years won the sixth prize " Art Olympia International Open Art competition " in 2015. She currently working in artistic creation.