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Tattoos are an extremely personal and meaningful form of body expression today. Some are purely decorative, but mostly they carry deep personal significance and they normally represent important values, beliefs, loves, or experiences. For their project Llobet & Pons asked people to share their favorite tattoos and tell the stories behind them. By revealing their most personal reasons and exposing their tattoed skin, participants made public something very intimate. Then the artists collected those stories, as well as the designs, and engraved those tattoos on the surface of public benches. The particular thing about these sculptures is that, when visitors sit on the bench, (or their skin stays in contact with the bench for a long time) the engraved drawings gets marked on the skin of the user, as if they were tattoos. The title "In another's skin" makes reference to the importance of being able to put yourself in the other person's place and see things from that person's perspective, if you want to understand them. An increasing lack of empathy and concerning polarised views can be observed internationally in the last years in all aspects of society. For example, now that information is easily accessible and available, a part of the press seems not interested in contrasting information for people to be better informed, but rather in accentuating political positions and legitimating the reader’s preconceived ideas. That is the opposite of putting oneselves in the place of others.

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Llobet & PonsSpain

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