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The old "Tsung-Yeh Sugar Refinery" has turned gradually transformed and has now become the "Tsung-Yeh Arts and Cultural Center". Although things have been changing within different historical backgrounds, Tsung-Yeh remains a wonderful place for people to gather and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Here, you can find historic
buildings next to old trees which bring greenery to the scene. The air is seemingly tinged with warm and sweet smells. The sensation of sweetness from "sugar" is the theme for my project in the "2019 Madou Sugar Industry Art Triennial".
For me, what matters most is that my work in this wide open and light space shall not affect the environment and daily lives of local people. The landscape art installation should be a landmark, inviting more interactions between people, and it must be allowed to be touched. It should be a work which can be easily understood by people who pass by can easily understand and who can be immersed in its sweet world. By collaboratively retrieving the sweet and glorious past of the sugar refinery, we will bring about a consensus on valuing the local culture to make Tsung-Yeh a spiritual landmark for local communities.

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LU Chih-JungTaiwan

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