Weaving Pavilion


About works

The unique landscape of Tsung-Yeh Arts and Cultural Center derives from its atmosphere, which is peaceful during the weekdays and bustling on the holidays. Families enjoy quality times together and interesting market stalls gather on the vast and beautiful lawn. In order to avoid direct exposure to the scorching sun in Southern Taiwan, all the stalls are under the shades of beach parasols in lines. The peculiar scene in the hustle and bustle shows functions required to provide shade and divide space. "Weaving Pavilion" is created based on the concept. The structure is made up of light fishing rods touching the ground to form a continuous flexible space where the lower part can be used as seats. Lycra fabric with exceptional elasticity is employed on the layer to allow its strength to demonstrate quality through stretching. "Weaving Pavilion" creates visual continuity from grass to the side and then to the top of the structure. It records the paths of light and shadow as well as attracts people to gather on this land. Instead of just for shades or division, it leads visitors to rediscover sky above and the relationship between humans and environment through the intervention.

Artist of the works

Eric CHENTaiwan

Location of the work