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Apart from the farming itself, one of the most important parts of the agricultural business involves transportation. Especially in an urbanized era, transportation is rather important, although in a less noticeable way. Through our experience of traveling from the north to the south, both studying and working, the presence of cardboard boxes has attracted our attention. This project, which extends from "The Road of Boxes", transforms the volume of a box into a space. Through this project, Walking Grass realizes "The Road of Boxes" through the imagery of transporting both "plants" and "stories". 

Apart from the delivery of boxes, the diversity and complexity of transportation is like the links and intersections between nodes. The mobility of vehicles (pick-up trucks, food carts, or stalls) makes them more adaptable to the surroundings and flexible for the local market due to the nature of transportability. Agricultural produce, during its journey of being delivered, imperceptibly connects each household's life stories. Through the stop-and-go pace of different types of transportation, Walking Grass attempts to make these "boxes" be seen, or even to be exchanged.

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