Echoes of Botany


About works

Echoes in Botany is a site-specific sound and movement performance that reflects on the trees, plants, and architecture of Tsung Yeh. The work is created by Mitsu Salmon and Milad Mozari in collaboration with five eclectic local performers. In response to late 19th-century human-driven migrations of plants both in Taiwan and North America, the work responds to the attempts and failures of "tropical paradise" created during the industrial age. The piece roves around the Chief's house, which was the family residence of the Meiji sugar cane factory chief in Madou during the Japanese colonial period. The work confronts ideas around native, imported and exported plants, speaking to the transports of plants as connected to the movement of culture, commerce, ideas, and diaspora. Sound, technology, voice, dance, and audience interaction are interwoven to investigate these plants and humans role as connected to the layered history of Madou. Performers engage with their environment and architecture, fluctuating between being plants and human. Through three tableaux, the performers speak to human relationship to plants in linking the growth, cataloging, and travel of plants as connected to bodies and history of the various spaces.

Artist of the works

Mitsu SALMON & Milad MOZALIUnited States

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