Multi-cultures Contribute to Fruitful Achievements


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I eventually settled on "identity" as the theme of this work, because I sense the complicated culture of this place.

After projecting two images onto the two water tanks, their reflections can be seen on the wall. In the reflections, there are several poems in Japanese, written by Taiwanese people during the period of Japanese rule. To reveal the situation that has been expressed in Japanese, a poem is intentionally written backwards, while others are displayed in a normal arrangement.

Furthermore, the red brick buildings were constructed during the era of Japanese rule, and these were used as warehouses for the sugar factory owned by the Japanese corporation. Architecture in Japan at that time was following the trend of learning from the West, as a symbol of modernization. Therefore, the buildings constructed at that time were not actually in the Japanese style.   

In the exhibition space, the sounds of splashing waves in the sea and the wind blowing are played from time to time to allow the audience to imagine being surrounded by the sea that once reached Madou.

The work depicted in accordance with this scenario is composed of multiple layers of images. Indeed, after carrying out some research, I have also discovered that society in Taiwan has different layers of history. There have been some distressing events in the past. Likewise, the ruined warehouses in the projection could also be home to flourishing and strong plants, just like the people on this land who have survived, thrived, and gained strength through their experiences with the passing of time.    

Identity, rather than being pure ideology formed in a historical context, is actually a value enriched by different elements that accommodate diversity.

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