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On arrival in Madou, I was impressed by the laid-back atmosphere, the warm weather, the countless pomelo trees, and the non-stop chirping of birds. I was gently embraced by the colorful landscape of this city in southern Taiwan. In front of our shared kitchen, there was a phoebe zhennan tree. Every day, there were seeds falling to the ground and I could always hear the sound. When listening to music, I was imagining a picture in which the seeds break the surface of the soil, becoming seedlings, and I was thinking about how to link this imagery to the local history to symbolize this land; land which is so vibrant and dynamic. Then I decided to introduce my first impressions and feelings into my creation, and began to draw my work, titled "Layers under the tree".

Some parts of this work have been painted in different colors on different layers, just like Madou, which is a city of multiple layers. There used to be a sea here. It was both a territory of the Siraya Tribe and a place where Dutch, Chinese, and Japanese cultures meet and mix. This is a place based on layers of historical and cultural heritage, a place where fallen seeds turn into seedlings and leave with the time going by.  I intend to focus on the energy left by these traces, which means trees that bear fruits irrespective of time and space. Thus, I sewed the seeds of some of the fruits I usually eat onto my drawing, as if I was sowing seeds on the layers of images. I hope to present a work which is colorful and eye-catching.   

I have also collaborated with Professor CHIU Tsung-Cheng, from Tainan National University of the Arts through organizing drawing workshops in our course. In the workshops, Taiwanese students painted on images and posed the question, "how shall we define Taiwanese people?", for us to think about. The results of the workshops and the discussions about the definition of Taiwanese people are also included in this work. The work presents the history of Taiwan, while spreading seeds to incubate the future with maximum energy, isn't it?

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