Sugarfield─the Information Center of Madou Sugar Industry Art Triennial


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Sugarfield is the information center and practice site of Madou Sugar Industry Art Triennial which will be formally launched in 2019. This place used to be Tsung-Yeh sugar refinery shrine during the Japanese occupation period. After the Nationalist Government was established, it became a temporary elementary school for the sugar refinery and then Tsung-Yeh Elementary School. Sugarfield is named after the combination of the history of "sugar" and "school" and contains the spirit of "protection" and "education". This information center is the core venue and practice site for the Madou Sugar Industry Art Triennial which acts as a site without borders that sustains the spirit, value and possibilities of the Triennial and brings both local residents and visitors together. Agro-products are originally plants and reflect the close relationship between nature and human behavior. The exhibition in Sugarfield for the first year focuses on "sugarcane", a historical crop, as the starting point to introduce the local culture and history. It summarizes the changes in landscape, hydrology, the urban development of Madou, the categories and distribution of sugarcane, and the rise and fall of the sugar industry. The sugar industry as represented by sugarcane is not only an epitome of Taiwan's colonial history, but also manifests how Taiwanese culture and daily life today is closely related to the politics and economy of Taiwan and the world. Via contemporary art, Sugarfield investigates the cultural landscape of sugar industry. The exhibition displays historical documents and images also research data and illustrations accompanying a 3D model of Madou that follows the trajectory of the narrow gauge railway. The exhibition invites viewers to observe models, images, and documents to get closer to the industry's history and intends to connect people, ecology, land, agriculture, life, and the culture and scenery of Taiwan through the Sugar Industry in Madou. Madou Sugar Industry Art Triennial will be held every three years, in which indoor and outdoor short-term installations and performances will be presented in various venues and locations in Madou City. Sugarfield is the platform to link up the changes and to continue creating dialogues with participants. In addition to being the guardian of the Triennial, Sugarfield is a practice site that expects to break through the framework of traditional education, re-explore and recognize knowledge, technology, story, and creation, and furthermore turn communities, schools, and residents into actors and producers not just participants. Sugarfield looks forward to reconstructing history in the fields of landscapes (nature), farming (profession), processing (product), making a living (industry), co-existence (life), and perseverance (balance) and to shape the unique culture of Madou and Taiwan.

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ArchiBlur LabTaiwan

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