Sugar Production in the Sugarcane Fields


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Visual and light effects trigger the memory of sugar production. The line of landscape records the time and space of sugarcane fields. The images present the sugar production printed on postcards. Plants and landscapes in the past are compared with the ones in the present, while local environmental characteristics and colors are introduced to the work. The panoramic composition presents the landscape of sugarcane fields. Paper self-adhesive tapes are stacked to evoke the memory of the local sugar industry. The combination of the structure of a traditional thng-ph?o and stone mills echos the map and model of Madou City today in the background, introduces viewers to imagine the historical sugar production. The organic geometric figure including conical inner structure of the thng-ph?o and the map texture are combined to create this image. The combination of sugarcane color and structural illustration is a link with the aesthetics of daily life.

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WU Chien-YiTaiwan

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