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Uncultivated is a multifaceted and modular project focused on wild plants within urban landscapes that includes geo-referenced photographs, public displays, a dedicated website, and community events. For the Madou Sugar Industry Art Triennial, Cazabon created a series of photographs documenting the edges of the sugar cane fields owned by the Taiwan Sugar Company and located across the road from the Tsung-Yeh Arts and Cultural Center. These photographs highlight the "weeds" or unintended plants thriving alongside the cultivated sugar cane. Noticing and naming these plants allows viewers to learn about how the Madou's ecosystem has developed in response to the activities of cultivation and how the local environment is evolving in response to the broader effects of climate change. The photographs are presented as twelve banners installed on the exterior walls of sheds situated near the road that divides the Tsung-Yeh Cultural Park from the site of the former Tsung-Yeh Sugar Company Railway station. The sheds were chosen for their resemblance to the abandoned sugar warehouses across the road. Inside the structures is information about the species of plants featured in the photographs, including images of specimens collected in the region by Dr. Aleck Yang, botanist and curator at the National Museum of Natural Science in Taichung.

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Lynn CAZABONUnited States

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