a day to become a cloud in Madou


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Every single thing created by nature such as animals, plants, insects and stones present on the earth has meaning to exist and each has a role. There is no unnecessary thing. Same for human beings as well. However, we tend to forget our role as part of the earth. Since the symbolic nuclear accident of the 2011 East Japan great earthquake, I have been creating "a day to become cloud" series which expresses the image of human shaped clouds floating in blue sky. A cloud is one of variant forms of water. Rain falls from the clouds. Falling rain streams into river, flows to the sea, and then evaporates to be a cloud again. Water transforms adjusting the earth's circulation mechanism and water is always essential for our planet and life. The creation is made wishing upon that human beings could be like such clouds and remember again that we are indispensable as a part of the earth.

Focusing on the change in Madou over time, " a day to become cloud in Madou" was created. It represents past, present and future, such as the history of accomplishing growth as a sugar exporter, the present of farmers who are producing representative fruit like shaddock, and children who are creating new future. Thanks to co-creation with Shanhua Sugar Refinery, Ji-yuan Recreational Farm in Madou, and Madou Elementary School through workshops and supporters more than 100 people, a gigantic blueprint, utilizing the principle of cyanotype method, was completed. These artworks involving people related to past, present and future are transformed to big kites. They will become a cloud of hope and fly in the sky of Madou. I strongly hope this artwork and a kite performance will create a place to talk about the future and be connected to a good future.

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Takahito KIMURAJapan

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