Sweet Minor Keys


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Sweet Minor Keys is a long-term research-based project that transects the time-space germinated by the Japanese-colonial and post-WWII sugar industrial economy in Taiwan. It seeks to probe a particular socio-sonic space interwoven by those who live and lived inside and outside of this space.

The first research phase takes the musical trajectory of Li Te-Shu as he told the writer Huang Wei-Fen, a 90-year-old former Madou Sugar Factory worker who was a member of the factory’s orchestra, as a map. In collaboration with a group of Tseng-Wen Senior Home Economic & Commercial Vocational High School students in Madou, a series of extracurricular "acoustic assembly" experiments are convened at the Madou Elementary School's music hall, Daitian Temple, Central Market, the now defunct sugar factory's auditorium, and Hsing-Hua Street – all of which are locations derived from Li's musical map. At each publicly accessible site, the students imagine and test possibilities of "sonic unschooling". In cooperatively concocting "an everyday choreography of the possible", participants grasp toward an obscure, yet to be articulated form of the political – an emergent sociality. 

Artist of the works

WANG Hong-KaiTaiwan

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