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Sugar is sweet.

Sweetness is constant essence of sugar. This formal attribute of sugar has affected humankind for hundreds of years. As Taiwan's traditional agriculture of sugar was industrialized by Japan more than 100 years ago, Taiwan's sugar spread all over the world. Taiwan became one of the most important sugar producing countries, and mass-produced sugar is now added to every processed food in the world with cheap price.

Sugar melts into all kinds of food in the world like its own characteristics.

Taiwan sugar industry became a mainstay after its liberation from Japanese colonial rule. Taiwan sugar industry lagged far behind other Asian countries now. In Tainan’s surrounding cities like Madou, historic sugar factories stood empty, and this shows us how important the sugar industry was in Taiwanese modernization.

In early 1900s, Europe made a cotton candy with the sugar which was imported from Asian countries like Taiwan. It went into America and became children’s favorite snack and was commonly sold in exhibition venues or tourist sights.

While European and American kids loved this cotton candy fibers extracted from heated sugar, all the employees in Taiwan sugar industry worked day and night to produce sugar.

In early 1950s, during the Korean War, the cotton candy was introduced into Korea by American army. Sugar produced in Asia goes into Europe and America and becomes cotton candy, and it finally comes back to children in Asia.

This creation mixed with history and culture is now in children’s hand, light as cloud, and disappears instantly in our mouth.

Oh, the cotton ball of sweet and light history!

One for one dollar!

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LEE WanKorea

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