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Our project begins with an encounter with Dameisha's wishing tree, and questions about how trees learn about their powers to grant wishes. How do trees learn from each other?

Lessons Amongst Trees present an anthology of lessons to a class of tree saplings. Beginning with Dameisha's wishing tree, the young trees enter the world of trees. They learn about emancipation, greed and sharing. They also learn how to be companions, to talk and mark time.

The lessons bring us into a conversation about revolution, freedom and our cultural sense of belonging.

Wish trees get their calling because they are motivated to increase our capacity to care and worry about others─ they serve as a mechanism for the distribution of hope.

As our vision of the future becomes increasingly bleak and dark, it may be helpful to understand the real power of hope. Hope rests on the momentum of caring, of worrying, of desiring. It gives us the ability to open something that the currents of knowledge cannot do. It gives the "hopefuls" the strength to summon something forgotten, something repressed and the something that has never been conscious.

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