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Industrialization during the eras of Dutch and Japanese rule led Taiwan's sugar industry into the international trade system. With the growth of the sugar business, and to meet ecomnomic demands, sugarcanes, the raw material needed to produce sugar, was cultivated widely as a cash crop. Apart from producing sugar, what are the other uses of sugarcane? How can we make use of sugarcane? "Make salt from the fierce sea water and make wines from sugarcane syrup". This line from a historical document recording the early lifestyle of Taiwanese people, before the development of the sugar industry, shows that sugarcane was used mainly to make wine. When the economic value of sugar began to emerge, the primary use of sugarcane then changed to sugar production rather than making wine. Today, with the decline of Taiwan's sugar industry, our farmland is being used to grow other kinds od crops. Currently, we have different demands for sugarcane. This project is designed to respond to the original use of sugarcane: making wine.

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TSAO ChunTaiwan

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