Earth in Cane Field


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Unlike other sugar industry, the Tsung-Yeh Sugar Refinery was the headquarters of the sugar corporation during the period of Japanese rule. Its main function was management. The sugar industry in Taiwan advanced to a whole new level because of the improvement in the agricultural methods employed to grow sugarcane, and the expansion of the cultivated areas under the Japanese administration. However, for common people in Taiwan at the time, a popularaphorism , "the most fool, sugarcane farmers serving the corp" , explained the strict regulations of the system run by the Japanese well.

After ploughing the fields with oxen, breaking up clods of earth by harrowing, and then smoothing out the surface of the soil, the seedbeds or so-called ridges were earthed-up by the plough with the sugarcane seedlings planted next to the trench. The work employed ridges, which were used as a unit in sugarcane cultivation, and transformed them into landscapes. The gradually rising landform, and the weaving texture within it, both represents the transformation of time and space and responds to the physical path of "walking" along the old railway.

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WANG Wen-ShinTaiwan

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