Sorry, the Sugar is Gone, Will the Story be a Bit Bitter?


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Hey, do you see the jar on the ground? Please open the cap and draw a lot from the first jar and then search around for the story. Or, if you don't want to play the game, just remove the cap of any jar and sit down to read the story. Remember to place the story back in the same jar after reading.

There is no chimney, no sweet smell in Tsung-yeh sugar factory any longer. Since there is no sugar, I can only start a rumor. I write about people I meet here in Madou. I write about imagination from daily life and the common landscape. It is not history, neither is it a fact. It is not a prophecy either. Instead, all I write about is pure fabricated rumors.

I placed 23 excerpts of my novel, written in Tsung-yeh, into 23 empty candy jars. However, when preparing for the exhibition, I was reminded frequently by the staff here that glass jars are too fragile and are easily stolen. So, regretfully , I realize that the only way to protect them is to bury my stories under the ground.

Things on the ground change too fast. Most of the old buildings in the sugar industry have been torn down. Only the tracks of sugar railway line have been left and buried in the earth, while the old sugar stone mill has sunk beneath the water but can still be retrieved. I just hope my rumors won’t vanish too soon. Consequently, I have dug 23 holes in the yard in which to keep them. Please take some time to read them while they are still here. 


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LEE Yung-TaTaiwan

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