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From the platform at the meeting point, we walk along the old tracks, flowing gardens, marks from the history, and invite the visitors to take a stroll on this newly discovered trail. With different height and materials, we tread an exceptional path of texture, where we can smell farmlands, gardens, trees, insects, and birds. A place where we can hear tiny sounds and obscure whispers mixed with cricket chirping. A place with tender and mysterious atmosphere, which can only be perceived when the visitors invited to get closer. The quiet and continuous conversations are just like spring breezes, showering and blending in the environment. You can hardly notice. It's also like soil, a mixture of different components, evaporating in the air in the sun or drizzling rains. Our senses of smell and sound are aroused and then more accurately remember the colors, textures, odors, growth of various plants on this sensory trail. This experience can be linked to those tiny memories in daily life. The encountering with the surroundings reconnects and further extend the traces of the history. Small and sturdy speakers are hidden underneath the soil. They show up at dawn and end at dusk broadcasting the continuous sounds with different volumes and intensity varying with the timing of the combination.

Artist of the works

CHANG Hui-Sheng (Alice)Taiwan

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