Distance of the Mind’s Ear


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A vast plain stretches before us: landscape, soundscape,memoryscape. Relationships of distance and time become slightly elastic as we attempt to judge proximities using the imperfect tools of our perception. Dense vegetation provides an infinite complexity of detail whilst simultaneously masking topographical markers of place. Sounds come to us in a diffuse blur, divorced from their point of origin. Viewed from the vantage point of an elevated shelter, the floodplain of the Zengwun River presents an ambiguous landscape. It provides an opportunity to extend this ambiguity into the realm of time and memory. "Distance of the Mind's Ear" uses sounds placed in the site to connect us to possible sonic events of Madou, past and present. Beyond the "possible", we also encounter the "unlikely" or the "implausible". Through these introduced sounds, the present moment becomes slippery, and time stretches into hazy memories and imagined events.

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Nigel BROWNAustralia

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