“Here” Rammed Earth Wall


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Soil is a ubiquitous and sustainable resource. As the location of ancient river courses, Madou has a diversity of geological forms. Sandy soil washed out from the Tseng-wen River is rich in minerals and organisms, which make Madou a perfect place for growing fruit trees.

After carefully reading the site, the artist has constructed a rammed earth wall. Ramming firmly compress the earth, which is sandwiched between two pieces of wood and tamped heavily to achieve compaction every few tens of centimeters. This is called "rammed earth" , and is an ancient technique for constructing walls. The texture of rammed earth walls, which change with the transition of the climate and over time, illustrates the transformation of the landscape in the area. The horizontal lines on the walls represent both the traces left behind during the tamping process and the marks of time and the region.

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WANG Wen-ShinTaiwan

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