Le Tian Street Palace


About works

Le Tian Street Palace is a participatory open-air film theatre, designed together with the inhabitants of Madou. In the summer of 2018, Karolina BREGUŁA a interviewed the oldest local cinema goers who remembered the film theatres which used to exist in Madou during the Japanese occupation period. The memories she collected turned out to be all equally beautiful, however, they were all different from each other and often contradictory. She invited Tainan artists TIEN Zong-Yuan and TSAI Wen-Chang, as well as the inhabitants of Madou, to participate in a common designing process. The group gathered to create a cinema space which is intended to include all the memories collected during the interviews. To have them all fit within the project, they have designed a cinema which has three different types of floors, a large variety of types of seats for the audience, and posters matching those remembered by the old Madou cinema lovers. The cinema was made to screen films which they had watched in Madou in the past. The cinema will be placed on the street corners of small alleys in Fuxing Street, which used to be an important place of local entertainment in the past. During the period of Japanese occupation, this location housed a popular club which became the center of the Madou night life. Later, a popular open-air cinema opened nearby. Today it is a busy street corner, which the participatory film theatre will turn into a friendly public space. Passers-by may rest there for a while and neighbors can come and use the space for an afternoon chat. On February 1st, the portable Le Tian Street Palace will be brought to Fuxing Street by the inhabitants of Madou, by the artists and by the visiting cinema lovers. It will remain in place there for the three opening days of the Madou Sugar Industry Art Triennial.

Artist of the works

Karolina BREGUŁAPoland

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