Archival Landscapes in Madou


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As a means of locating traces of history, we have dug into almost every possible discipline and pieces of evidence. However, being stuck in the different systems of such disciplines has confined our imagination. At the moment of commencing our photography project, we searched for clues and traces and tried to construct an understanding of the history, townships, and regional development through archival studies.

After studying the photographs, we have excluded the old questions of how to dissect Madou through the process of archival studies. Alternatively, we began to ask why we retain these images. Will the consciousness that emerges from our minds retaining these images be affected by other individuals and their own consciousness?

No, no. We shall dig deeper, like the roots of growing trees, and will keep digging until reaching the depth of 3 feet. It is not just superficially to figure out the narrative view of archival studies. Rather, we shall dig further into the categorization system, as if feeling all the way down through entangled branches and the burls of trunks (as a Chinese expression). We shall build a prototype categorization system by filling up the information of creation from the past to the present.

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CHANG Ching-Huan & WANG Chia-ShengTaiwan

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