2/3 House


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Walking into the alleys of Jong-hua Road, you will soon spot two old houses hiding behind the low wall. Although the two houses are separated by the wall inside, it can still be observed that life of both sides was still closely connected by the forecourt and backyard. When the mess in the houses is cleaned up, the space texture of compartments and cabinets shows up clearly. In the rooms with mottled walls, there are some useless objects scattering around. The traces of life gradually disappeared with time passing by. Weeds in the forecourt and the backyard take control of their own land and keep thriving and expanding territories. It's an overturn. The empty houses stay in the history whereas the yards have become homes of new lives. "2/3 House" is to intervene the space with constructions so as to commence dialogues with new lives emerging after the destruction. We removed 1/3 of the house which were severely damaged and then used materials to repair 2/3 of the house. Also, we've transformed the 1/3 into a place where plants can grow to allow dialogues within the space.

Artist of the works

Eric CHEN & CHENG Cheng-Chi & CHEN Yi-Hung & FU Zi-Jun & YANG Min-TiTaiwan

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