Sugar Stone Ship─Weaving Myth, Mattau


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36 sugar stones and 76 big stones were thrown in the Dragon pond in Madou Cultural Park of Ancient Port by the Fengshui guru of Qing Dynasty and the spirit hole was blocked. After that, Extreme weather occurred, Madou's prosperity was lost, so it was removed in 1956 by a sherman. I was fascinated by the sugar stone being swallowed by a banyan tree and becoming one, I arranged the stones that seems to be a part of 76 stones and made the shape of the boat with the sugar stone and the banyan tree as a mast. I think that this beautiful stones are relic of the Siraya people. There is the Madou Shuijuetou Historical Site of old port made in the 17th century in the Phoenix pond. It was made from Taiwanese ancient cement, oyster shell ash, sand, sugar water and sticky rice water. I dug up old red bricks that are also included sugar factory bricks 100 years ago from forest, made a ship that has a stern with a sugar stone and a banyan tree using old bricks and the ancient cement.

After that I met Chinese pond mussel in Phoenix pond of ancient pier ruins in the Madou Port Cultural Park. And I collected them and made a boat. 

There are also 3 shell ships and the book I made when I stayed in Madou since 2017-2018. They were exhibited at Daofong Lagoon Museum. The shell in Madou is mud color on the outside, but the inside is shining like a pearl. I feel it symbolizes that the Madou people have a rich culture like a pearl in the living with the earth by agriculture. It is a boat connected by shells holding hands, like a figure where women who I saw at the Dongshan Kabua Sea Howling Festival of the Siraya clasped their hands and danced in circles.
I connected the sea and the pond by making a boat of freshwater shells and ships of sea shells, and revive the memory of the ancient sea.

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Nobuyuki SUGIHARAJapan

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