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The project with the theme of a “Memory about Sugar” aims to set check-in points for sugar-related business along the way from downtown Madou to Longquan Station. The route is like a treasure map, which includes local business (shaved ice vendors, snack shops selling melon seeds, and savory rice pudding stalls) or places which have a connection with the sugar industry (e.g., Tsung-Yeh, dormitories, Longquan Station). There are also stories and people to fill the improvised role of treasure hunters, whose mission it is to piece together incidents related to the “memory about sugar” by taking photographs at the check-in points and collecting information. Whether you are a local or a visitor who is looking for recreation or adventure, you can follow the treasure map and create your own interesting memories of Tsung-Yeh in Madou, which becomes a convergence of the historic paths extending from some of today’s sugar-related businesses. In my opinion, artworks may attract people to local communities but they are just media. What matters most is the “story telling”, to link three generations and allow the residents to appreciate Tsung-Yeh sugar industry and the charms of local communities in their own way.


Activity: collect 6 or over 6 photos with the works and post on IG or FB.

●Locations of the works (see the map)

Nine places including, Long-quan Ecosystem Platform, Tsung-yeh Elementary School, 2/3 House, Wall at Crossroad, Bench on Zhongxiao Road, Motorcycle Shop, Shaved Ice Vendor, Savory Rice Pudding Stall, Snack Shop

●Period: event duration from 2/1 to 3/3

Special offer: porcelain brooch handmade by the artist for the earliest 100 visitors with enough fb check-ins.

●Check-in reward: each person (each FB account) can receive a porcelain brooch after collecting 6 photos with the works at 6 check-in points. At least one photo at each check-in point with  two tag in the post,


#Check-in Immortal

Story :Mysterious Frog Pond

Froggy loves to discuss the mysteries of the universe when I’m driving. I’m in my world while you are in yours singing the same song together. La~~

Artist of the works

HSIEH Yi-JuTaiwan

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