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During the long and continous journey ancient Hootikors people always lived in harmony with the earth. They adjusted their behavior and sought ways to survive through listening to the messages conveyed by the land and the whole of creation. They followed conventional doctrines and were strongly connected with Mother Earth, Gaia. By listening to the wind, observing the stars, touching the soil, and smelling the air, Hootikers learned from the soft whispering of the Earth to pass on the wisdom of ancient times.

Although modern Hootikers have lost their ability to feel the whole of creation, we can still learn how to respond to nature from some incomplete scripts surviving from ancient times. After researching into such documents, we can find our fundamental attitude to living. The things we make help us to transform our way of living. So, modern Hootikers attempt to look for the right attitude in the way we live with nature to fulfill the guidance of Mother Earth through our life practices.

At a Snail's Pace is an attitude relating to a careful observation of our surroundings when our bodies are in a particular environment. The movements, which make a bond between our heart and the land, also represent a link between our body and the environment.

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LU Mu-JenTaiwan

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