Containers of Time—Light Boxes and the Weathering Process


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I have chosen this site, which was used for dormitories in the old Tsung-Yeh sugar refinery, to recreate the scene of dormitory buildings that no longer exist, with pieces of woods connecting to each other and surrounding the area. Through metaphorical images, the architecture of the olden days is seemingly reproduced on the lawn in the park.

The appearance of the small-sized house reveals the inner depths of the structure from different perspectives as visitors approach. The peculiar design of the light and space inside, which is totally distinct from the exterior structure, well interprets the role of a family house as a time container.  

The environment changes through time, however, it is difficult to tell the difference between unwanted damage and the marks of age. The main structure of the building protects people living inside from the scorching sun. The exterior wall does not limit of the interior space. Rather, it is a critical in-between space from the inside to the outside. The nature of architecture is re-imagined with the effect of the weather.

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SU HungTaiwan

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