Historical Trail, Sugar Refinery, Community - Depicting a Cultural Lane of Sugar Industry


About works

From the revitalization, development, and prospects of Tsung-Yeh Arts and Cultural Center to the planning of Madou Sugar Industry Art Triennial, cultural and historical researchers have played indispensable roles in linking together sugar industry and local culture. Therefore, in the Art Triennial this time, we have initiated a series of projects to work with people who have been engaged in local culture and history under the name of "Alliance Project of Cultural and Historical Researchers in Tsung-rong Community". Through interviews, archives, and the concept of satellite exhibition space, the project aims to create a new face of art interlaced by exhibitions and performances, literature and history reading, as well as community participation. In the collaboration with LIANG Mao-Long, we focus on the theme of the "movement to preserve sugar factories". He uses "Pomelo House" in his recreational farm to present the history of sugar industry, urban planning, and local salons, which have been well preserved, in order to demonstrate his local practice, ideal, status, and compassion to fulfill the responsibilities as a cultural and historical researcher. The project also highlights the significance of local value in the preparation of an art festival.

Artist of the works

LIANG Mao-LongTaiwan

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