Young Madou's Sketching by Memory


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The project is a collaborative work with the schoolchildren of Wun-jheng Elementary School in Madou. The artist led these young Madou citizens to learn about and understand their surroundings, beginning with Tsung-Yeh Sugar Refinery. He also asked the students to interview their parents and grandparents, to gather more stories about Madou. He also taught them to make simple sketches to depict the stories by memory according to the style of Yen Shui-long’s advertisement painting for Smoca, Smoker's Tooth Powder. Working together with students from Tungfang Design University, these simple sketches then became the draft for a large-scale installation of relief sculpture made with aluminum wire.


Wun-jheng Elementary School

Wun-jheng Elementary School  was built in 1941, during the period of Japanese Occupation.

Besides its long history and culture, Wun-jheng Elementary School enjoys both the benefits of wonderful surrounding scenery and a natural ecosystem.

Crossing the bridge between the school and the Tsung-Yeh Art Center, students can cultivate their minds with art. Students in our school are absorbed in the education of art and humanities. To guide the adaptive development of our students and to discover their potential, we have designed multiple courses, recruited professional teachers and established a variety of music and sports clubs.

The vision of our school is to allow every student to develop as a person with a good personality and a strong mind.

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WANG Chun-YuanTaiwan

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