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Tsung-Yeh of Madou holds a unique position in the history of the sugar industry. With the passing of time, the landscape of Tsung-Yeh has changed,  whereas the collective memories and its history have been preserved through architecture, objects, or plants, all of which can be reminders to recall moments from the past. Even when the buildings and objects have disappeared, with only a few plants remaining, through observations and learning, students and residents can still convey their stories through the description of the remaining sites or through collective memories, thereby allowing the presence of the past to continue in time, place, and object. Through the reinterpretation of the students, group memories and the transformation of objects in the place have been developed into artworks. In the process of reinterpreting an object and reproducing a certain place, the participants shall learn the diversity of creations. We can understand Madou's history by observing its local plants, and we can pursue the wisdom of our predecessors to coexist in harmony with nature. We gain knowledge about how to use plants in our lives, based on their characteristics, and we can learn about the source of the food and objects with which we are so familiar in daily life.


Madou Junior High School

"Education is a lifetime mission". Madou Junior High School, which was founded in 1910, has a history of more than a hundred years. To create an environment for students to learn happily and to gain the competencies they need to face the  challenges of the future, we have combined the expectations of the school, from parents, teachers, and students, and have put forward our four visions of a “healthy life, innovative thinking, a grateful attitude, and diligence”.

1.Healthy life

The school has a vast campus, with a sports arena within a 400-meter track, a number of basketball courts and volleyball courts, a gymnasium, and an activity center. There are school teams for track and field, volleyball, wood ball, and Taiko to enhance the strength and fitness of students.

2.Innovative thinking

Teachers use creative teaching methods to encourage innovative thinking by students. Information technology is employed for better organizing the diverse curriculum activities and establishing the abilities of students in their future learning.

3.Grateful attitude

The school has founded a choir, a flute team, and specialized classes for the fine arts and sports. There are installations, an art corridor, and a collection room for artworks. The facilities both cultivate the cultural and aesthetic taste of students and offer an education in ethics, life, family, and people with special needs, to teach them the importance of both cherishing and being grateful for what they have.


The school provides students with a decent learning and barrier-free environment. With abundant library resources, it is hoped to develop the reading habits of students, to stimulate their potential and to motivate their diligent learning behavior.

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WANG Rui-Heng & WANG Yi-TingTaiwan

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