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The project begins with field studies on the culture of the local sugar industry. Students can learn about the laborious process and secrets of making a film through scouting and framing daily activities on the local campus, with the work of filming and production divided up between basic crews, preparing for shooting at the preliminary stage, shooting, post-production including editing and dubbing, and discussions before the official screening. We intend to attract interest in image making from schoolchildren, through providing them with appropriate knowledge of the processes. From the experience of collaborating on a locally-manufactured film, residents can gain a better understanding of the brilliant stories of this land, which are strongly connected to the development of the sugar industry.

Jian Elementary School

Located in Xie-cuo-liao, Madou, Tainan, Ji-an elementary school, which is equipped with excellent facilities, has a large campus as beautiful as a park. The school serves as not only a classroom for children to learn nature and art but also the most important recreational space for local residents to do exercise or take a rest in the neighborhood. The school provides diversified educational programs and courses through inviting artists to collaborate with teachers in the school and make the best use of resources in order to broaden students’ horizon of art and culture. There are interesting and vibrant installations everywhere in the school, such as the exterior wall of classrooms decorated by shells and ceramic relief mural. The wall surrounding the campus is also used as a space for creations with the theme of “welcome to the hometown of pomelos”. Children and teachers worked together to create the mascot of pomelo named “Gong Zai”. These works are the results of graduates every year and created in the programs of art education. Apart from that, learning performing art is one of the priorities. In the program of “Playing Flute in Campus”, the school encourages students to learn and practice flute recorders and develop abilities to perform on stage. Traditional art, such as dance lion team and Taiko drum, is also highly emphasized and promoted.

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