Weaving…Interlacing Life and Attachment to the Local Environment


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Teaching artistic techniques to others is just like the concept of warp and weft in weaving.

Something memorable, or even abandoned objects picked up on the way to school, can gain new value.

Among all the characteristics of local communities, what deserves more attention? Through understanding and imagining the surroundings, we can identify ourselves with the place in which we are living in, and with the sense of identity with the land where we live.

Weaving techniques can also relate to the ideas of accumulation and combinations.

Through learning and observation, we understand and appreciate different aspects in life.

Participants collect materials from their daily lives and project their observations and feelings onto their work of creation.

This is an interactive work accomplished through an ongoing process of adding on elements gradually. Participants play the roles of both guides and instructors, leading visitors to work on the project with their hands and completing it collaboratively. Students will develop the concept and then realize the project through participation. It is also hoped that, in addition to the participants, everyone in the school can get involved in the project and accomplish the work together.



Dashan Elementary School

Dashan Elementary School was founded on April 1st in 1919 (the 8th year of Emperor Taishō during the Japanese occupation of Taiwan). Currently, there are seven classes (including kindergartens) with approximately 100 students. The size of the campus is 2.54 hectares, and with more than 60% of the campus covered by greenery, the school has rich ecological and natural resources.

While aiming at cultivating students' competence in "reading, ethics, keeping healthy lifestyles, and active learning", the school gives emphasis to developing the children's reading habits, to appreciating the aesthetics of daily life, and guiding them towards maintaining good personal hygiene, and being polite and observant of regulations. Students are encouraged to learn skills, to exercise on a daily basis, and to explore different types of knowledge to help them to live a healthy life, to expand their international horizons and to embrace the world.

The school provides a number of special courses, including Taiko, ocarina, track and field, basketball, dance, and fine arts. It has also made some remarkable achievements in promoting programs in fine arts, reading, English, and moral education.

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