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Based on the 3D books made by the students in the workshop, we have created two huge 3D books, one of which is a collective work with schoolchildren, and it is centered on Gang Wei Elementary School and the river drainage channel in Madou. The large-scale project will be developed from the works students created in the workshop. Real photographs from their life surroundings are used as materials in the content of the book. Students help place these photographs in the corresponding positions, thereby adding more meaningful links relating to the locals in the 3D map. By doing so, they learn the relationships between their homes and the region. The content of the second book is derived from their imaginations and this may be added on at any time with no limits on the materials used. It can also be created through interactive games. The two books present clues about the map and about memories of the region, thus connecting the pupils in Gang Wei Elementary School and the sugar refinery.


Gangwei Elementary School

The students of Gangwei Elementary School are provided with adequate resources in learning through the dedication of the principal, the efforts made by the teachers, and support from the parents in the neighborhood. Curriculum planning is based on the diversity of subjects. Students are encouraged to read newspapers while teachers teach and share mind-map learning methods on a regular basis to develop the communication and public-presentation skills of the children. To broaden the horizons of the students, and to establish positive values, they are also given the opportunity to visit different institutions and to contribute to society through public performances. The school has organized student societies in snake-board, dance, folk drum dance, and flute to expand their interests in learning. Among all of these, the snake-board team, which has participated in various contests and performances, is ranked the most popular, based on an online vote. The team even had an exclusive interview on TV!

The faculty of the school are ambitious in applying for the programs to promote art education which are sponsored by public and private institutions. For example, they have been received grants for projects including "Cultivation of Art Education" from the Ministry of Education, "Beautiful Land - Spreading Seeds of Aesthetics in Remote Schools" by the Joseph Lo Art Foundation, and Chimei Museum's Art to the Countryside program. Gangwei Elementary School has an excellent learning environment for students to grow up healthily, happily, and energetically, and to develop their potential in a variety of different fields. While surrounded by a tranquil landscape, the school is also well known for its high quality teaching, even when compared to schools in urban areas.

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You Don't Know Me At All (FENG Chih-Ming/ CIOU Zih-Yan/ NI Siang)Taiwan

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