House of Sorrow and Joy ─ Family Scrapbook II


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The life of every individual is like a picture book of children's collages. The patterns and textures of memories make up our inner universe, which further affects the way we see the world. What we saw, felt, and encountered in childhood has a deep impacts on our adult selves. When finding the ways of how we are linked to each other, or other incoherent fragments, we always wish to piece them together and take a broader view of our lives.

Therefore, the project, featuring sugar, integrates the history of Tainan's sugar industry and the exploration of personal emotions in substantializing the imagery of life's status. The artist transforms the vast transnational industry which resulted from the human cravings for processed sugar and its sweet taste, the word, sweetness, containing double meanings, into a scene existing in a local space in the form of scrapbooks and rooms. The project also shows the connection between the memories and self-existence.


Madou Elementary School

Building a unique base with technology, humanities and aesthetics

Following the trend of seeking technological knowledge in education, Madou Elementary School has a long history of insisting that its students ought to be their own masters in learning. At the same time, it develops innovated lessons related to everyday life, combining with our self-made technology, humanities and aesthetics to develop children’s critical abilities in the future.

Inspiring students to learn spontaneously through innovated lessons

Madou Elementary School, with its simple, modest and academic learning atmosphere, consists of art classes, gifted classes and normal classes. There have been seversl innovative changes since we established the Fablab-NKNU base by promoting innovative lessons with self-made technology, humanities and aesthetics. Every time the bell rings, the sound reminds people of the long history of the school.

The increase of senses of beauty by means of the cooperation between art and technology

It has been a long time since we had art classes in Madou Elementary School. With professional teachers and high quality lessons, we are able to develop many outstanding art talents especially through acquiring the support of parents and other school personnel. We spare no efforts to groupstudents in art classes during the teaching. The method adopted is to divide the class into two groups, with two teachers in the same lesson. Due to grouping each child can be given good care by the teachers, and they have more opportunities to create something new in the process of their learning.

How to combine the different fields of aesthetics and technology is an important topic. Although people believe that technology cannot take the place of the human hands completely, it is difficult to satisfy students'  wishes to create their work on their own personal computers at present. However, the technology we know today, helps to break through the obstacles which existed previously, helping children to present their paintings from two- to three- dimensional, showing their vivid brainstorming processes. All that we do is to display more diverse and creative art creation.

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KUO Yu-PingTaiwan

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