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From learning the history of sugar and the culture of the local sugar factory, students can capture images of daily life through the techniques of photography, and through cyanotype as a means of converting such images. Each of their works have been collected and are presented together as an installation on the campus where they are based every day. Their images can be used as an indicator of time responding to and reflecting the long history of the local region.  

Anye Elementary School

Located in the outskirts of Madou District, the school enjoys beautiful surrounding scenery, and a simple and primitive culture. Madou is famous for agriculture and specifically for the production of pomelos. Pomelo trees, which can be found in large areas of the school district, are the major economic crop of Madou.

Currently, the school has six classes with a total of 123 students. There is also a pomelo garden in campus. Every year, the school launches a series of creative events while the air is full of the fragrance of pomelo flowers, and during the ripening season. The parents here are farmers or workers who are socially and economically underprivileged. They are too busy making a living to pay attention to the education of their children. Hence, the school  is entrusted to provide their children with a good education. Thriving student societies in the school offer students more opportunities to learn different skills.

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CHANG Chia-ChenTaiwan

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