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The point is how to tell a story. The presence of the creator in a place is a medium, and in the course of creating, he can delineate time and space.

The creator, as a collector and a coordinator, transforms materials obtained from the surroundings and presents the work in another form. He uses polyester resin as the main material for its transparent and solid texture, which reinforces the visual effect of congealment. The inner materials, comprising works and objects provided by students, are displayed as visual elements In this project, objects or creations made by the participants are seemingly floating in the process of creation. Each object has its own story, but when viewed as part of a larger picture, they connect to each other and collectively form a complex image. The creator uses these materials to invent a story without either a beginning or an ending. It is up to the audience to figure out the storylines and exert their imagination on these stories.


Beishih Elementary School

Beishih Elementary School was founded as a branch of Madou Elementary School and became a separate entity in 1952. The school, with a history of 66 years, is verified by the Ministry of Education as a remote school. There are six classes with 67 elementary students and one kindergarten class with 28 children. Located in the north of Madou District, near Xiaying District, it was once submerged land in an inland sea. There are many fish ponds to the north of the school. Most residents in the area make their living by aquaculture and animal husbandry (raising geese and chicken). The south side of the school is mainly for farming, with many pomelos farms in particular. The place of origin of the famous Madou pomelo, "'Mai's Adobe", is also in the school district.

The school offers diverse courses and after-school classes, including Taiko, golf, ocarina, dance, choir, ukulele, painting, calligraphy, and unicycling. is the school expects to stimulate children’s brain development and expand their interests in various fields. To assure equal opportunities in education, the school provides extra learning support and after-school classes to take care of the demands of disadvantaged students.

The school has the slogan: "Be the special one in a child's life. Open a window for him/her. Provide them with a stage and successful experiences." Based on the leadership of the successive principals, the efforts of teachers, and enthusiastic support from parents and alumni, the school has achieved outstanding results in teaching.

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CHIAO Sheng-WeiTaiwan

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