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Sugar is everywhere in daily life. When returning to the nature of sugar, which is so ordinary and common, we may easily forget the subtle links between sugar and our life with time passing by. Inspired by the sugar-making process from the very beginning of planting sugarcane, the artist connects the experience to the life of students. Through deconstructing, constructing and reconstructing the process of growing sugarcans and sugar-making, the project responds to the culture of the sugar refinery in this location. Huang substantializes the visual, psychological, and physical perceptions based on the collection of experimental materials every time. She believes that the sweetness of the place doesn't just derive from the sugar itself; rather, the local people in Madou have a more emotional attachment to this land because of the relationship between their life and sugar, extending from its past to the present.     


Pei-Wen Elementary School

"The end of the grass shop" is the old name of Pei-Wen School District. In its early days, it was an important town in the making of salted leaf mustard (AKA pickles). Pickles Lane, where often had sour smell, was especially more memorable. The school collected and saved the only remaining seven large wooden barrels of pickles in the school district, and then established the Pickles Culture Park in the school. The interesting and one-of-a-kind Pickle Superman family, and the unique image of Pei-Wen, was designed from the role of Pickle Superman. It retained and inherited the culture and spirit of the community. The pickles culture has become a major feature of Pei-Wen, and it is also a part of school life for every child who attends Pei-Wen.

In its teaching, Pei-Wen focuses on the history of the community, exploring the community culture, combining the Pickle Superman image and six indicators to develop a school-based curriculum, thereby enriching the artistic taste of its students. With our curriculum implementation, we plan for multi-learning activities through diverse activities and performances to assist students in their adaptive development, stimulating their potential. Furthermore, we are guiding teachers and students to build dreams and a quality campus together, and developing children in the future who are well-educated in international citizenship, and achieving our educational goals in the humanities, innovation and technology.

In its school affairs, Pei-Wen trains professional teams. School-based but diverse teaching enforces the professional image of our teachers. The faculty helps to cultivate the community with care and works to integrate the local culture and community resources to create a learning environment of love, harmony and care.

Education is life, and life is education. Based on the concept of loving the country and loving the earth, Pei-Wen begins with the community and continues to use this as the learning field from which to bring out the teaching achievements of the school, to strengthen new highlights of coexistence and co-prosperity between the school and the community

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HUANG Shao-YingTaiwan

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