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Regarding our memories of sugar, it is possible to string together the experiences of more than a single generation by choosing candy as a starting point. Children of each era have their own different kinds of candy, each of which also has its own historical significance of development. At the same time, they also affect our life experiences. Through the process of understanding and sharing, through the collection of data, and the tracing back of memories, such materials and stories are transformed. With the school students, we will work together to create a wall of memories about candy which will belong to everyone.


National Tseng-Wen Home Economics & Commerce Vocation High School ​

Established in March 1938, TWVS has since become one of Taiwan's most well-known vocational high schools, with academic traditions and outstanding performance. Located in the western part of Madou District, Tainan City, Taiwan, and close to the freeway, it is easy to find TWVS. With its two eco-ponds, coconut palms lining the main entrance, and flower-filled porches on the campus, TWVS has long been famous for its wonderful campus view. The view is so nice that TWVS has been given the complimentary name of the Garden School.

To promote the self-awareness and growth of students, and to expand its international perspective and cultural care, TWVS maintains close contacts and interactions with schools overseas. Every year, some students are selected to join an education tour. In diverse, heterogeneous cultures, with friends from different backgrounds but of a similar age, students interact and learn from each other. In addition, in the summer of 2018, there will be two students from the Department of Early Childhood Care and Education on the students’ exchange program with Georgsanstalt Vocational School in Germany. Furthermore, to provide students with every possible study opportunity and learning experience, several children visit Vietnam to undertake volunteer service every year.

In addition to academic performance, TWVS also pays significant attention to creating an environment of the arts and humanities. On campus, wood carving art works are perfectly integrated into the study environment. Adjacent to their classrooms, students can enjoy their leisure time alongside installation art works. Silently and peacefully placed around the campus, the artworks in the form of cattle and squirrels perfectly provide students with a relaxing atmosphere.

There are 5 vocational departments: the Department of Early Childhood Caring, Food and Beverage Management, Commercial Management, Information Processing, and Advertising Design, along with practical skills programs in the academic units. In 2018, TWVS has 30 classes and approximately 1,000 students.

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LIU Yen-ChunTaiwan

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