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Nest – a site-specific sound sculpture Nest is a site-specific environmental artistic project realized in the Madou District of Tainan City, Taiwan. The sculpture is an enduring monument, serving as a reminder to the visitors, of the impact and cost of civilizational advancement. The structure is a concrete birdhouse with unique acoustic properties, designed with the purpose of amplifying bird songs. It is a refuge, where birds sing freely, their songs empowered by the architecture. The factory complex in which the piece is situated is a monument to and an artifact of the industrialization, which contributed to the current aural state of the Tainan area. The building methods used to realize the structure mimic the architectural techniques unique to the area, providing a positive viewpoint to industrialization, reminding us that it could be a tool used towards a harmonious and environmentally beneficial outcome. The sound sculpture is sonified by a composition inspired by, complimenting and utilizing the aural-scape of the area. The musical arrangement emphasizes the natural sonic diversity of the locality, putting in perspective the transition between past, present and future in the development of the sound ecology in Madou District. The site-specific project reminds people that positive environmental change is still possible and the only favorable development for our future would be to abandon our ignorant and disrespectful attitude towards nature. The artwork is a testament to the negative impact of rapid urbanization and allows visitors to visualize in an immediate way the influence civilization has on nature. The selected medium of work allows for an intuitive attainment of a large body of information, spanning several centuries, all synthesized to allow the easy transmission of these messages. It raises questions of humanity's future. What would our planet look and sound like if we continue down the same road?

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Georgi Tomov GEORGIEV & Katharina BÉVANDBulgaria Germany

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